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For Students

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Discovering Your Talent

With hard work and focus, you can have a career and life that you love! Whether you're into creating, planning, managing, leading, serving, or figuring things out, there's a place for you in Frederick County!

Pairing Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Interests with Growing Career Fields

Today's businesses are seeking candidates with training and education beyond the high school level. Think about what interests you; what are your skills and abilities? Have an idea of what you might like to do after school? Research career fields that are growing, determine which ones align with what you're passionate about, and then determine the education that is needed to maximize your chances for success.


Careers in Your Community

Here are a few industry sectors in our region, sample job descriptions, and wage ranges. 


Agriculture is the largest industry in Virginia, providing more than 357,000 jobs*. With an increased emphasis on producing clean energy, traditional farming has opened up to new opportunities for growing plants and grains and has helped keep the prospect and sustainability of agricultural jobs solid.  Learn More


Technology is changing at a faster rate than ever. This field is for people comfortable working with the latest technology. Digital technology has nearly dissolved the barrier into this market and made the competition for jobs in photography, editing, and writing extremely tough. That same technology has created a need for all businesses to be tech savvy and up to date in image. Therefore, the field of graphic designers and computer system designers is growing.  Learn More


A team of construction professionals built every structure, residential community, park, hospital, roadway, or shopping mall you can see. Whether you dream of designing a new building or wielding a blowtorch on a construction crew, opportunities are available throughout the construction field for highly skilled, hardworking people.  Learn More

Health Science

There are a lot of careers in health science other than doctors and nurses. You could become the next great researcher that cures cancer in a medical lab working behind the scenes or be on a team that helps problem solve and diagnose illness through the skillful operation of high-tech tools.  Learn More


The folks that help plan travel, prepare culinary masterpieces, or organize an event put in long hours and work nights and weekends but they have a rewarding career that is exciting and projects that always off er something diff erent.  Learn More


Manufacturing is involved in everything you see and use on a daily basis; from buildings, vehicles, furniture, televisions, and smart phones to cereal boxes, cereal, and the spoon you eat with. Manufacturing is where the innovation is!  Learn More

Public Service

We need people in public service to help keep communities safe and ensure our society functions in an orderly and just manner. These careers can vary from entering one of the branches of the military to being a local town councilman or supervisor. Regardless of the career, military, police, fire and rescue, or public officer, the responsibility of public service means you must be someone of high moral standards with good work ethic and have a passion to help others.  Learn More

Transportation & Logistics

Our world economy and international trade has made the need for quick distribution and logistics evermore important. A career in transportation and logistics involves the transportation of goods and encompasses the careers of automotive mechanics, shipping clerks, and distribution managers. Truck drivers are one of the jobs in the transportation industry that will continue to see high demand in the future. Would you like to earn good money while seeing North America through a windshield? Learn More

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