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What are the options?

Helping your child decide on a career path can be hard! Should they seek a certification, look into a two-year degree, or pursue a bachelor's degree? With so many options, how can you decide what's right? 

Pairing Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Interests with Growing Career Fields

Businesses tell us consistently that they are looking for employees with education beyond the high school level. Attitude and aptitude are a winning combination. By looking at each student's knowledge, skills, and abilities, and interests we can guide them to the educational sources that will best-suit them for future career prospects.

Discover the education and skills needed for the pathway your student has chosen.


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Career Overviews

Check out these career overview sheets from the most recent WoW! Expo! They include examples of jobs available in several sectors, the education you'll need to get the job, and sample wage ranges. 

Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Public Service
Transportation & Logistics

Assess skills, explore careers, budget for wants and needs, learn about training and certification, build a resume, and search for jobs! Read More

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