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Empowering through Awareness.

Career Pathways connects the dots between middle and high school course work and life after graduation. Communication and education empowers all of us to help guide our youth as they determine where their skills and interests lie and how that translates to employment and careers. 

Pairing Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Interests with Growing Career Fields

Today's businesses are seeking candidates with training and education beyond the high school level. We believe children should be encouraged toward jobs of their interest and aptitude. In fact, we have an entire initiative devoted to shifting the mindset of our community; one that understands and supports all careers and the pathways to achieve them.

Field Trip Opportunities

Take your students on a tour of one of Frederick County's businesses. Help your students see first-hand how education translates to job opportunities! Read More

Career Overviews

Check out these career overview sheets from the most recent WoW! Expo! They include examples of jobs available in several sectors, the education you'll need to get the job, and sample wage ranges. 

Health Science
Public Service
Transportation & Logistics

Interview Question Samples

Several of our local employers have shared sample interview questions and application tests. Please share these with your students to show how what they're learning in school directly coorrelates to life after high school.

Sample 1 - Shockey Companies
Sample 2 - New World Pasta
Sample 3 - Winchester Metals

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